Office Designs to Incorporate into Your Workspace in 2022

Office Designs to Incorporate into Your Workspace in 2022

Today’s workplace needs are evolving and impacting the future of how we work and the spaces we work in. These new needs for a workplace are already showing up in innovative designs for office spaces globally. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing these designs becoming the new norm in all workspaces. Not only does reinventing your office help with the overall look to your space it also boosts productivity. Only 55% of workers say that the design of their workplace enables them to work productively but research shows that a well-designed office can increase a worker’s productivity by up to 20%. The best way to reinvent your workspace is by incorporating office designs that are evolving with today’s modern workforce.

#1. Comfort

    Old office designs are often rigid and seemingly uncomfortable, and some newly designed office spaces are using design layouts similar to those used over 50 years ago with static inflexible workspaces that do not promote collaboration. This is becoming a major pain point for businesses as many employees are working from the comfort of their own home, as hybrid/remote work seems to be here to stay and sitting at a rigid desk is becoming more and more intolerable to personnel. Bringing comfort to the space will help with that rigidity and it will help your workplace seem more inviting. Adding comfort is easily done by incorporating plush carpeting, throw pillows, ergonomic furniture, and even some outdoor seating where possible.

    2. Biophilic Design

      Biophilic design reconnects people with nature. Bringing in natural elements and incorporating them into your design fosters feelings of happiness, calmness and reduces stress. As 47% of workers in the global study reported having no natural light in their office, while 58% have no plants, and biophilic design creating more productivity in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important to add elements like natural light, plants, and fountains to create a better ambiance.

      #3. Noise Reduction

      In a busy workspace it is necessary to provide areas for quiet work or add noise reduction designs such as soundproof walls or carpets to your workplace. Most workplaces are centering around collaborative workspaces but offering private spaces for quiet work to be done is just as necessary. Neurodiversity is becoming a critical practice in the workplace, and it is important to include neurodivergent spaces for employees to thrive and noise reduction or quiet workspaces is an essential part to diversifying your office for all employees.

      #4. Flexible Working Spaces

        The demand for flexible working spaces and hybrid or remote workplaces is increasing like never before, and many companies have their own idea of what that looks like. Some companies don’t have assigned desks, other companies offer seating and rooms across their space that any employee can utilize so they aren’t confined to one area. Other flexible working spaces includes aspects such as bench seating for collaboration, standing desks and lounging areas.

        #5. Branding

          Incorporating branding into design is important because it promises a certain quality of experience and offers something of value to the employee. A strong brand leads to a strong reputation and strong credibility which can lead employees to have a greater commitment to your business. By incorporating these interior design elements, you’ll significantly improve not only the look of the workplace, but also how employees feel when they walk into your business. You can do this by adding furniture that matches your organization’s colors, getting a custom wallcovering with your company logo, adding chairs with embroidered or engraved logos, or even adding custom throw pillows/blankets.

          #6. Neutral Tones

            Neutral tones are a perfect way to not overwhelm the office with too much color and can compliment the furniture and architecture of the space itself. Neutral tones also have a calming effect which is perfect for any busy office. If adding color to your walls is important to incorporate in your office space, there is always the option of using neutral tones and adding an accent wall that gives the space the perfect pop of color without overdoing it!

            Your employees will thrive with these office designs and it will not only benefit company morale, it will also boost productivity and improve your organization as a whole!