Impacts of Office Design on Company Culture:

The design of the workspace has a surprisingly great impact on the performance of employees as well as on retaining those employees. The design of your office is a powerful tool that shapes the environment of the workplace, work relationships and even workplace processes. Office designs can impact overall company culture and a poorly designed […]

Color Coding Workspaces for Maximum Productivity:

Colors have a great effect on how effective we are and how we focus. Using colors in the workspace can increase energy, activity, creativity, relieve stress, increase focus, and problem solving. Understanding how these colors effect what type of work we are best able to produce in each environment is important, to achieve the best […]

Office Designs to Incorporate into Your Workspace in 2022

Today’s workplace needs are evolving and impacting the future of how we work and the spaces we work in. These new needs for a workplace are already showing up in innovative designs for office spaces globally. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing these designs becoming the new norm in all […]